The "Cuyama Valley" is nestled twenty-five miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles.  This is a unique agricultural area that is world reknowned for agricultrual productivity.

Famous for it's rich soil, the Cuyama Valley is heated by the brilliant California sun each summer day and then fanned and cooled by the western sea breeze each evening.   These diurnal temperature variations encourage the maximum production of sugars for optimum sweetness of the tree ripened fruit!


NO pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers or excess irrigation is used

Sustainability is the buzzword in agriculture today.   The Jujube tree is a precocious producer requiring minimal supplemental water, no chemical fertilizers and since they have to parasitic pests in the US, no pesticide or herbicides are necessary.   Producing Jujube fruit has minimal environmental impact - thus promoting sustainability of our local ecosystems and protecting natural resources.

In our area, the Jujube tree requires only 10 inches of supplemental water per year for production.   Mother Nature provides the rest.

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