​Honey Crystallization

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The Cuyama Valley is home to the Caliente and Sierra Madre Mountains.  These pristine enviroments contain unpolluted air, fresh rainwater and a profusion of flowering plants that provide our bees with the essential elements to create the finest and most healthful honey.

We were fortunate enough to harvest 2  types of varietal honey  despite ongoing drought conditions. 

Cuyama Valley Wildflower Honey

​The subtle complex sweet flavor of the 2014 Wildflower Honey is reflective of our chaotic weather this spring.  There was NO "typical" pattern for flower bloom this spring - so there were early wildflowers, flowers blooming late (shooting stars, yarrow, phacelia, and rabbit brush) and late flowers blooming early (California poppies, coreopsis, lupine, cream cups and tidy tips).  It all makes for a delicious healthy honey that helps with seasonal allergies.

Cuyama Valley Native Black & Purple Sage Honey

A richly flavored honey created from a blend of Black and Purple Sage from native chaparral from Santa Barbara County in California. The pure, light sweetness of sage honey is reflective of the single source of nectar and pollen.  The clarity of flavor is smooth and delectable.  This honey will not crystallize.